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You've made it here!  This quite likely means you are interested in what types of things I look at when you hire me as your Home Inspector.  Below is a small list of the main areas of concern that I personally inspect for defects or potential looming issues. This is not an exhaustive list however, this gives you an idea of how thorough our inspection is.

Exterior and Foundation

An overall examination of the exterior home surface including stucco, siding and trim. The foundation- We look for structural defects as well as the beginnings of issues such as cracking, settling.


When safe and where possible the roof is inspected by traversing. I'll be looking for major defects, leaks, damage, flashing issues, skylights, venting to name a few. Most defects can't be seen from the ground.


A detailed look at accessible plumbing areas. The purpose is to find issues such as corrosion, cracks, leaks, low flow or low pressure. 


All components related to the electrical service. Where safe, the service panel is opened and the cover is removed. All appliances and fixtures are ran, tested, or functioned.

Heating & Cooling

Here in the valley this is a high priority. Both systems are ran through basic functions. I'll be looking for issues with ducting and registers, cooling and heating efficiency, major damage, reporting on any lack of servicing. 


Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Doors and Window. All these features and systems are viewed closely for function and defects like cracks, chips, sagging, stains, broken components. Where accessible all windows are opened and closed.

Here’s what we’ve been inspecting.

My Base Pricing.

Pricing Scale: Base pricing for single family homes.

*Note- Add $20.00 for up to every + 500 sq. ft. over 1500 sq. ft.

1. <1500 sq. ft./ 10yrs old - $280.00 

(Mobile/Town/Condo - $265.00)

2. <1500 sq. ft./ 20yrs old - $300.00

(Mobile/Town/Condo - $285.00)

3. <1500 sq. ft./ 30yrs old - $320.00

(Mobile/Town/Condo - $305.00)

4. <1500 sq. ft./ 40yrs old - $340.00

(Mobile/Town/Condo - $325.00)

5. <1500 sq. ft./ 50yrs old - $360.00

(Mobile/Town/Condo - $360.00)

Please note- There are other contributing factors to pricing such as lot size, out buildings, barns and such.  For an accurate estimate please call and allow me for run the numbers.

My Services continued:

At Real Time Home Inspections in Clovis, California, I provide scheduled home inspection services. With my expertise and background in home improvement, realtors and prospective homeowners can rely on me when they need accurate and
prompt inspections.

Home inspections are priced individually, and my rate is based on three basic things: square footage of your home, the age of your home, and your geographic location. Contact me today if you would like to request for my services. I offer free quotes.


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